Teresa Dibble

It is always very helpful to have more than one photograph of the subject so I can gain a fuller impression of them. Images with strong areas of light and shade create a stronger more vibrant painting.

Any changes I feel would help such as cropping the image to bring the faces forward and more dominate, or of inclusion or exclusion of background objects from I would of course discuss with you first. And, following on from this of course, if you wish to change any aspect of the photograph, colour etc, please let me know.


Photographs can be e-mailed to me direct but the quality of the image is important and I have found, I am afraid, that those taken on a mobile phone do not reproduce with sufficient clarity.

The cost of a portrait would depend upon the size of the canvas required and the number of figures you wish to be included. I usually use a deep edge canvas unless you prefer otherwise.


Ex: 16” x 16” (40 cm square) - £256

24” x 18” 60 x 45 cm - £432

Each additional figure - £60